Zero to Hero Catch-up: Ten Days in One Post

zero-to-hero-badgeI’ve been humming and hawing about participating in the Zero to Hero challenge. But I’m totally going to do it!

I’m going to do a mega catch up–right here, right now. Big breath. And go . . .

Day One: Introduce Yourself
Hey, my name is Thain in Vain. I’m here to challenge myself as a writer. Sitting around thinking about things I would like to write, does not actually get anything written. Starting a blog and blabbing to people about it, does. It’s a simple formula really: Blabbing+blabbing=motivation.

Here you will find stories about my life, comments on the lovely, yet annoying world we live in, pictures I find funny or make funny by adding immature talk bubbles, and writing challenges. If you feel like it, read more about me.

Day Two: What’s your name?
I was recently asked this question by Hi, I Make Stuff who was wondering if there was a hobbit connection. While I dig that connection, Thain is actually my last name and I played off the song by “Train in Vain” by The Clash and voila Thain in Vain!!

Day Three: What’s on your mind?
I’ve been at this blogging thing since October and would like to share a post I wrote back in November when I participated in National Blog Writing Month. It’s what’s on my mind today! I present: Another Lame Post.

Day Four: Explore the Neighbourhoodindex
I’ve been out and about in the neighborhood and have discovered I have two neighbourhood personalities. 1) Ned Flanders-type neighbour. Happily reading blogs, making positive comments, and following your awesome blogs. 2) “Peeping Tom” kinda neighbour. Secretly reading blogs, envying awesome blogs, trying to be like said awesome blog . Generally skulking around like a creep.

Day Five: Love Your Theme
It took me awhile to settle on a theme. Many switch-a-roos and second guessing. But I have finally settled on the theme and I love it!

Day Six: Try a New Element
I’ve added numerous photos to my blog, but never embedded a Tweet. Honestly, I had no idea how to do it. Thanks #WordPress for the easy to follow instructions!

I present to you my embedded Tweet. On another note, “True Detective” looks pretty interesting. I’m going to tune in. Are you?

Day Seven: Personalize Your Theme
Creating a blog banner has been on my list since I started this blog, but you know life, procrastination, laziness get in the way! Today, I can stroke that little item of my list. Behold my banner. Look up. More. To the left. Down a smidge. Right there!

Day Eight: Make Your About Page Irresistible
Not sure if it’s irresistible, but I’m happy with it–for now. I may feel inspired next month or next year to make changes to it. I hope you like it. Of course, I’m open to suggestions on how I could improve it! Thoughts?

Day Nine: Head Deeper Into the Blogosphere
Working on this!

Day 10: Dress up your blog with widgets

There you have it. 10 days in a one post! I’m excited to write and read with all of you!

Thain in Vain


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