If I can capture here, I can capture anywhere

30 Day Photography Challenge Day 6 – Street Photography I dig street photography — the found objects, the urban grittiness, the characters. This style speaks to my love of candid photography. Snapping candids captures those real moments that are often lost in posing. These photos were taken on a trip to New York a couple … More If I can capture here, I can capture anywhere

Who likes the sun?

30 Day Photography Challenge Day 5 – Low Angle This challenge had me wandering in back alleys looking for something to shoot from a low angle. Just as I was worrying I was being mistaken for a dumpster diver, I looked up and clocked this massive flower. After getting over my fear that it was … More Who likes the sun?

And it stoned me

30 Day Photography Challenge Day 3-Texture Here’s some rocks. Not a super original idea, but these babies got texture. I’m doing the Expert Photography 30 Day Photography Challenge. If you want to improve your photography skills, this is the challenge for you. Day 3 – Texture. Join me and share your photos.

Whatcha looking at?

30 Day Photography Challenge Day 2 – Black and White This is Marlowe. I’m thankful he was able to take time away from his busy schedule of grunting, snorting and eating grass to pose for me. He’s a real natural. I love black and white photography, but not every photo lends itself to the style. … More Whatcha looking at?

Takin’ Pictures

I’ve always loved capturing moments with whatever camera I had at the time. For many years it was a classic 70’s camera with the cube flash. Remember these babies: You had four flashes which meant your picked your subject carefully – in theory. In reality, there were many an over-exposed picture, depicting a blurry mass … More Takin’ Pictures