The votes are in!

Ultimate Streaker

Carrie Houghton is the Ultimate Streaker in the first annual Stanley’s Cup in a landslide 1st place trophyvictory! Her story Portrait of a Man touched the hearts of 64 voters! Carrie told a poignant story of Ralph, an old man lonely with the passage of time and filled with a lifetime of stories to tell. Carrie shows this man rather than tell with interesting details – from ironing his pants to not feeding  animal crackers squirrels to actual squirrels. Congrats, Carrie!! I’ll send you your personalized badge soon!

Supreme Streaker

2nd place

takes Supreme Streaker award with her story Take That. The story tells the story of two old men playing their usual game of chess in the park, talking about their old, friend Ralph, who has died. Both men know their lives are still changing, yet life can still be surprising for them! Great work, Jennifer! I’ll send you your personalized badge soon!

Shout-outs to:

Final words

Thanks to each and every one of you for participating in the 13 Week Streak! It was a blast. Each week I was excited to read your stories to discover the creative ways you interpreted the prompt. And I was never disappointed.

I’m sad that I don’t have a prompt to give you this week and I won’t be reading your stories. Getting to know each of you over the last 13 weeks (and  much longer for some of you) has been a highlight of my summer. I love the community we’ve built and the support we give each other on our journey as writers. This community has allowed me to share my writing, something I was scared to do. I now feel a little proud of some of the stories I’ve written! And you should too! We’ve got an impressive catalogue of stories!

Big thanks to my co-host, Charlotte for the amazing graphics, prompts and mystery basket items! Thanks for suggesting we host something together.  I think we did good! Check her out over at Drafty Devil.

What’s next?

I’m heading into a busy fall, but I’m thinking of doing a monthly flash fiction challenge. Same deal: I give you a prompt, you write a story and submit it. No pressure. Just an opportunity to write and share. Would there be any interest in doing this? Let me know.

Chow for now,


8 thoughts on “The votes are in!

  1. Bree Salyer says:

    Sigh. I just stumbled upon this. Really wish I had found it when it was still going. I soooo miss our weekly flash fiction challenge, Eilidh! It was, by FAR, my favorite “community” of writers. I’m trying to get something like that going again… just trying to find the time to set it up. But if you decide to do another type of challenge in the meantime, I’m definitely up for it. Just hope I find out about it in tim! ❤

    • Thain in Vain says:

      I know!! I love this community of writers!! I would be so if you got something going!! I’m busy with other life things right now, but I will certainly host another challenge in the future!!

      • Bree Kemp Salyer says:

        FYI – I have decided to host a 2018 FFC. I’ve been working on the graphics and setting up the host site this past week. Trying to get it all organized and ready to go for January 1. It’s going to be very similar to our 2014, but I’m thinking about doing giveaways and extras as well. I’d love to pick your brain about a few things, so if get a chance (and are interested), email me at

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