Zero to Hero Catch-up: Part Deux!

zero-to-hero-badgeAgain, I’m playing catch in the Zero to Hero challenge! Where does the week go! It’s seems like just yesterday I was dragging my carcass out of bed to face another cold Monday morning.

But here we are on a delightful Saturday morning. It’s downright balmy outside for a January winter’s day. It’s just a perfect day to dust off my runners and head down to the park for a much needs 5k walk!

Before I go, here is my catch-up for the week:

Day Eleven: Leave Three Comments
I’ve been stumbling around blogs and leaving random comments like kid with a can of spray paint! It’s been great meeting all of you and I look forward to reading more!

Day Twelve: From Comment to Post
Ya, I totally didn’t do this one. But I will!

Day Thirteen: Build a (Better) Blogroll
A work in progress!

Day Fourteen: Blogger’s Choice!
This blogger chose to waste several hours, slumped on the couch, reading blogs and getting inspired by all the amazing ideas and writing. You guys are awesome!

Day Fifteen: Explore Visuals and Content
I could do this stuff all day, but won’t because I need to exercise my body today. What’s that legs? I’d better take you for a walk or else. Or else what legs? Atrophy, you say. Okay, okay. Let’s go walkie! Pipe down lungs, you’re coming too!

Day 16: Make a writing prompt your own
Will do later today! Must take legs for a walk right now.


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