Flash Fiction Challenge – Week Twenty-Five Submissions (25)

flash-fiction-badgeThe #FFC52 week twenty-five submissions are in!

It’s important that every writer have a tribe, a community in which we can be challenged, be vulnerable, and of course, be read! For me, the FFC#52 challenge is just that–our tribe, our community! For this, I thank all of you!

I really do see a book at the end of this 52 week crazy ride! Imagine being a published author! I’m giddy with excitement!

Perhaps you might even get a little crazy and join us!

Share your Flash Fiction stories on Twitter: #FFC52.

This week’s prompt is brought to you by damn good writer Mark Gardner of Article 94! Thanks, Mark! Your prompt bring in some awesome submissions!

Week Twenty-five
Prompt: Your protagonist is a member of jury about to hear the sentencing of the criminal you just convicted.

Thanks for the great submissions everyone! Be sure to read and comment on everyone’s work as we are all here to read, be read,  give, and get feedback!

Chapter from a novel in progress
Article 94

Puppets on a String
Avalon Reviews + Flash

The Head of Mr. LeBourque
C.E.Coburn – February St

Odyssey of a Novice Writer

Judge & Jury
Read Me My Writes

Hell Hath No Fury
So I Want to Be an Author

Trials of a Wanna-be-Published Writer

A Tail of Justice
Pigspittle, Ohio

Sins of the Father
The Excessive Gardener

Nature Made Me Do It
Thain in Vain

The Verdict
Woegman’s World of Witty Wonder

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