Flash Fiction Challenge – Week Three Submissions

flash-fiction-badgeThe FFC week three submissions are in! Welcome aboard Chris Musgrave-Writer in Training!

Week Three
Prompt: While at a party, two adult siblings find themselves attracted to the same person.

Thanks for the great submissions everyone!

Sibling Rivalry
Chris Musgrave – Writer in Training

Sibling Rivalry”
Hi, I Make Stuff

Precious Time
The Excessive Gardener

Thain in Vain

Sheryl popped another appetizer in her mouth. “I just love these mini cocktail wieners,” she said to her sister Sharon and reached for another one.

“I can tell. You’ve had five of the gross things. I’m starting to feel sick,” Sharon said and looked away. Sharon eyed the room. It was full of the usual bunch of freaks and geeks. Look at these losers, she thought. She dreaded to think which one Sheryl would pick tonight. Just then, her eyes fell on a man with leaning against the back wall. His copper hair was striking. Never before had she seen hair that colour.

“Hey, look at him,” she heard her sister say. She was pointing at the same guy. “Look at his crazy red hair. I love it,” exclaimed Sheryl.

Sharon couldn’t think of a time that they found the same man was attractive. He didn’t look like he belonged here. To Sharon he looked normal. Where were the leg braces, missing limbs, jerky movements; where was his freakdom, thought Sharon. She looked around the room, every person here had their own freakdom. Some hobbled on disfigured legs with feet jutting out at wrong angles; some snatched appetizers with a clutch of fingers fused together; others were bent over nearly double with bony spines sticking out. It was this freakdom, this specialness that brought them together week after week, looking for a connection, for love, for sex.

“Let’s go talk to him,” demanded her sister. Sheryl pulled out his compact and was applying lipstick, when the man started walking towards them. Sharon watched him approach. He seemed so normal. So perfect. It was Sheryl’s night, but for once Sharon looked forward it.

“Good evening, ladies,” the handsome stranger said. He looked better close-up. From under his mop of copper hair, two intense hazel eyes smiled at them. He was dressed in a cream suit jacket with a charcoal shirt open at the collar. Was this guy for real, thought Sharon.

“Well, hello, stranger” said Sheryl. “I’ve never seen you in these parts.” Sharon turned away from the scene. It was time for her to take her leave and let Sheryl have her night.

He sat down next to Sheryl and popped a cocktail wiener in his mouth. “I’m new around these parts. What does a guy have to do to get your names?”

“Sheryl,” purred Sheryl and shot Sharon a look. Sharon smiled smugly at her, knowing she was pissed that he asked for her name as well.

“And you are?” Sharon turned towards his smooth, slightly accented voice.

“Sharon. And you are?” She felt her sister pinch her side of their abdomen. Sharon flinched. Her sister always knew were to hurt her without hurting herself. Sharon had yet to master the skill. If she pinched Sheryl, she felt it just as if she pinched herself.

“Gary. Would he care to dance, Sharon?” Her sister’s nails dug into her flesh.

“Yes, I would.” Sharon couldn’t believe this man was interested in her. She suddenly believed in love at first sight.

“Sheryl, would you like to dance?” Sheryl released Sharon’s flesh.

“Love to,” she purred. The three of them got up and headed to the dance floor. Gary embraced them both, his lovely body pressed against the thick flesh tube that forever joined Sharon and Sheryl at the abdomen. Sharon and Sheryl smiled at each other and settled into the dance and the night ahead.

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