1 x 500 x 52=2014 Flash Fiction Challenge – The Countdown is On!

The countdown is on! The 2014 Flash Fiction Writing Challenge flash-fiction-badgestarts January 1st! 

The new year is a perfect time to set new goals and intentions. Lose weight, get in shape,
travel more . . .? Yawn. How about become a better writer? Sound interesting? If so, the 2014 Fiction Challenge is ‘write’ up your alley.

What’s the challenge?

One flash fiction story under 500 words a week for 52 weeks–that is your challenge!

Your first writing prompt: A vagrant approaches a well-dressed man who leaves a trendy coffee shop with a five-dollar latte and a fat-free scone.

Each Wednesday, post your flash fiction or a link to your submission in the comments section of the corresponding weekly submission.

Tell me you are participating by leaving a comment and I will add your name or blog to the participant list.

Tell the world that you are participating by adding the challenge badge to your blog. Simply save the image to your desktop and upload.

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