Lululemon Gives New Meaning to the Phrase “Fire Crotch”

fire-crotchLa La Land — Today, Lululemon announced the release of “Fire Crotch,” their latest yoga pant line geared towards plus size women. The pants contain a reinforced crotchal area to prevent friction when fat thighs rub together. This is in response to complaints that Lululemon yoga pants were thinning and piling.

“Some women’s bodies’ are not right for our regular pants. It’s really about the rubbing through the thighs and how much pressure and friction that rubbing causes over a period of time,” said Chip Wilson, Lululemon founder.

Wilson did not specifically point to fat thighs as a direct cause of the thinning pant. Recently, however, Lululemon has come under fire for actions that appear “discriminatory to those who wear larger sizes,” according to an insider. These actions include “not accepting thinning pant returns from “larger sized” women, leaving larger size clothes in discarded piles in stock rooms, and using a company tactic called ‘shame-ignoring’  larger women who enter stores,” an insider reported.

However, with the release of the “Fire Crotch” line, it looks as though the company may be turning a corner. The company has also included inspirational messaging about the new line on Lulu’s iconic bags.

The “Fire Crotch” yoga pant line is now in stores and costs 30 percent more because of the extra fabric.

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