Once Upon an Excuse

Again, I’ve committed to do something that I’m dreading. No, it’s not NaBloPoMo. I said yes months ago to attend a career conference for young women (petulant teenage girls) and talk about my “career” (job that dumps 26 pay cheques into my bank account a year).

It’s tonight and I’m in full excuse mode. Car accident? Maybe, but expensive. Finger cut on new Ninja blender blade that won’t stop bleeding? Possibly, but then will have to pretend to have cut finger for a week. Death in the family? No, bad karma. Explosive diarrhea? That might the ticket (shit ticket-hahahahahahahah).

I might add this thing is from 5-8 tonight, which is my prime wine time.


At least this isn’t the job I need to blab about and WTF?


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