Bugs are on the menu this week

One flash fiction story under 500 words a week for 13 weeks – this is your challenge.

Here we are at Week 11 already! We’re a couple of weeks away from the first annual Stanley’s Cup. Charlotte and I have a fun prompt for Week 13 all ready to go. We’ve also been busy hand-selecting the three Mystery Basket items that must appear in your story. Stay tuned for more details.

Prompt – Week 11

While playing truth or dare with friends on a warm summer day, a girl discovers she likes eating live bugs.

What kind of bugs are her favourite? What do her friends think? Will she appear on one of these reality shows that involves eating bugs? Does her taste for bugs help her survive the end of the world or the zombie apocalypse?


The linkup below is now open for you to add the link to your submission at any point this week!

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Check out the week 10 submissions.

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Eilidh from Thain in Vain and Charlotte of Drafty Devil are your fabulous co-hosts for the 13 Week Streak – Summer Flash Fiction Challenge.

Happy scribbling!

4 thoughts on “Bugs are on the menu this week

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  2. Cara Hartley says:

    I’m quite insectophobic, so this squicked me pretty good!
    We deviated from the prompt in that there was no game of truth or dare. Things evolved slightly differently to illustrate the relationship between the brothers.
    This idea evolved from an unfortunate true story. My brother has a friend who had three sons. Two of them forced the third one to jump from a bridge so they could film it and post the video, knowing that he would die from the fall. I don’t understand the callousness in some people’s souls. I always say that writing horror doesn’t scare me because reality is much worse.

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