Stanley’s Cup

Imagine winning the Stanley’s Cup? No, we’re not talking about the hockey one. We’re talking the flash fiction one. That’s right. One lucky streaker will take home the first annual Stanley’s Cup Ultimate Streaker! The runner-up takes home the Stanley’s Cup Supreme Streaker award!

Here’s how it works:

  • Write a story based on the weekly prompt.
  • The Mystery Basket items must appear in your story.
  • Each Streaker will have two chances to vote for their top two favourite stories.
  • The writer with the highest vote wins the Stanley’s Cup and can proudly display the badge on their blog page! Second runner-up gets the Supreme Streaker cup badge.
  • Both get bragging writes (pun intended!).


  • All writers must submit their stories during the submission period for Week 13. Details to follow.
  • All writers who submit a story for voting must participate in the voting portion of the contest.
  • Writers must have submitted at least two stories during the 13 Week Streak.
First Place

1st place trophy

Second Place

2nd place