Write about a character hanging out at an arcade when a man grabs his/her shoulder

Eilidh from Thain in Vain and Charlotte of Drafty Devil are your fabulous co-hosts for the 13 Week Streak – Summer Flash Fiction Challenge. One flash fiction story under 500 words a week for 13 weeks – this is your challenge.

Remember the Stanley’s Cup?

I told you about it a few weeks ago. Still no? It’s the week 13 competition when we will all be vying for the coveted Stanley’s Cup and the title of Ultimate Streaker!

Oh, and this nifty badge!

1st place trophy

Well, I’m pleased to report that Charlotte and I have been tenting our fingers and scheming up ideas of what we can do differently for the prompt that week — and we’ve come up with something pretty awesome! Can you say Mystery Basket! We’ll give you the prompt, as well as Mystery Basket of things/characters/words/phrases/activities that must appear in your story! It’s going to be soooo good!

Anyway, we’re still eight weeks away, so without further ado, here’s your week 6 prompt.

Prompt – Week 6

What could this man possibly want from your character?

A character is at an arcade on the pier, when a man comes up and grabs his/her shoulder.


The linkup below is now open for you to add the link to your submission at any point this week! 

Check out the week 5 submissions.

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Happy scribbling!

5 thoughts on “Write about a character hanging out at an arcade when a man grabs his/her shoulder

  1. Cara Hartley says:

    I just want to thank you so much for doing this. If it weren’t for this prompt, I wouldn’t have had the direction to be working on anything right now. My working life has been extremely chaotic since the patient I was working with for five months went into the hospital and the agency I was working through never found me another case. I had no sense of direction and was becoming extremely depressed. Writing is my salvation in this world, so thank you for the very necessary sense of direction.
    I’m also glad this isn’t a daily prompt. A weekly one is perfect right now!

    • Thain in Vain says:

      Hi Cara, thank you for your kind words. I’m touched that something so simple like a weekly prompt can contribute to helping you through a tough time. It’s been great reading your stories! I’m also glad it’s a weekly prompt! Take care, Eilidh

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