Flash Fiction Challenge – Prompt Six

Flash Fiction Challenge! Week five submissions are in! Check them out!flash-fiction-badge

This week, I’m pleased to announce that Chris Musgrave – Writing in Training is my guest prompt creator this week! Great prompt, Chris. Looking forward to writing my flash fiction!

Submit your week six flash fiction by February 12, 2014! Each Wednesday, post a link to your submission in the comments section of the corresponding weekly prompt.

Week Six
Prompt: A thirty-year-old man is having a conversation with his imaginary friend

Want to be part of the challenge?

  • Tell me you are participating by leaving a comment and I will add your name or blog to the participant list.
  • Tell the world that you are participating by adding the challenge badge to your blog.
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18 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge – Prompt Six

    • Thain in Vain says:

      I just read it! It’s really good! Nice work, Lucy! On another note, I was wondering if you would like to provide the prompt for week 8?? Chris Musgrave did week six and I enjoyed having a guest prompt creator. Thoughts?

      • Lucy says:

        I wanted it to look like Jordan was his imaginary friend, when it’s actually Peggy.I wasn’t able to tell the re.ader that Jordan is deaf but I don’t think it matters. Well, it’s just weird.,

        Sure, I’ll do a prompt. I am having a good time with this. I’m glad I joined up. Lucy.

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