Two Teams, One Grey Cup #101GC

Today is the CFL Grey Cup game, the Canadian equivalent of the Super Bowl. Okay, maybe it’s more like the poor man’s Super Bowl sort of like Jeffery Dean Morgan is the poor man’s Javier Bardem.


But it’s ours and we’re proud! Right, Jeffery! Playing today is the Saskatchewan Roughriders (my home team) and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Go Riders! And on top of this, the Grey Cup is taking place at the home of the Riders–Saskatchewan!

Saskatchewan. This is a province that for so long was a “have not” province. A place that people left. A place that people mocked. Being from Saskatchewan for a long time not something people were proud of. But all this has changed in recent years. We are a “have” province. We are booming. People are coming home. New people are immigrating here. It’s a great place to  be and it’s reflected in the pride people now feel about this little prairie province.

Sask Summer

We are also proud of our team! Nothing brings together Saskatchewanians from different walks of life at home and a far like the Roughriders. It really doesn’t matter what your deal is. All those pesky little differences like that keep us apart like religion, politics, race, social economic class, education, etc. are irrelevant when it comes to the Riders. Rider fans unite as one!

We are Rider Nation.

rider nation

While I will never wear a Rider jersey to work on casual dress day or go to a game or make the effort to carve a watermelon into a helmet shape, put it on my head and go out in public, I can certainly get on board when my home team going to win the Grey Cup and unite us as the winners–the Saskawinners–we know we are!

Griffin says, “Let’s go Riders! Let’s go!”


5 thoughts on “Two Teams, One Grey Cup #101GC

  1. Lucy says:

    Forgot to tell you. Have a new gravatar and new theme. Tired of a white cat with pink hair and a frown. And my old theme was killing me. I enjoy your posts. I need to thank you for following me. I now have 6 followers. Oh, my chihuahua’s name was Pepe. He was about 18 when he died from congestive heart failure. I even tried to give him CPR. I was a mess for a long time. Just couldn’t replace him. Ended up with cats because they kept coming to my door and I would feed them. Keep plugging away. I”ll be here all evening.

    • Thain in Vain says:

      Like the new gravatar! Six followers is very decent! Pepe! What a great name! I can’t even imagine Griffin dying. In fact, I often say to him “don’t ever die, Griffin. Don’t ever die.” That may be a lot of pressure for a tiny puppy, but he should consider himself warned.

      • Lucy says:

        In answer to your question re blogging. I kinda like it. I’m struggling here. I keep trying to teach. I’m going to try one of those “inspire me”–maybe that will help.

  2. Lucy says:

    You must be so proud. I even followed your link to the Riders home page. I thought you were talking about soccer. I didn’t know you have “football”. Great post. Griffin looks like a die hard fan. Keep the posts coming. Lucy

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