5 Things People Did Before Apple (BA)

Not a day goes by I don’t contemplate profound life questions of life such as are you there God, it’s me Margaret and who shot JR?’ 

When I want a distraction from pondering questions about the human condition, I wonder “how the hell did I lived without my iPhone?”

Frankly, I really should know because I lived the majority of my life without such a device #gettingold. But it still got me thinking about what people did before that handheld distraction. Here is the top five things (I could be bothered to think of) folks did #BA (Before Apple):

  1. Paid attention at school/work/church/social gatherings/formal events, and so on . . .


  1. Appreciated their experiences as they actually happened


  1. Got hummers in the Oval Office (thanks for this one RD)clinton1
  2. Got totally drunk, did a bunch of embarrassing stuff, and ripped up the pictures of said stuff when they were developed six months later.drunk-setu-bandha-sarvangasana-pose
  3. Exposed themselves in public. I’m looking at you(r) Weiner!


What did you do BA?

2 thoughts on “5 Things People Did Before Apple (BA)

  1. Lucy says:

    Great post. Nice page layout. Tiny puppy looks so cute. I lost my chihuahua a few years ago. Old age. He was my best little friend. I’m off to read your latest post. I’m a little behind on things this week.

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