Whatever you do, don’t make eye contact

A quick Google search of “quotes on life” unsurprisingly yields a shite ton of results. Taking a look at a couple of sites, I found some of the standards, “The road less travelled . . .” and “Love like there’s no tomorrow.” Maybe they’re a tad trite now, but there’s still some solid advice in there. However, the advice that guides me through this life is “don’t make eye contact.”


Okay, I’ll admit this sounds pretty cowardly and stick your head in the sand-ish. Maybe even morally irresponsible, but just hear me out. It has less to do with my approach to humanity and more to do with shopping malls, in particular, those skincare kiosks. Those sales folks are aggressive. I know from experience, which cost me $49 dollars for a tiny tub of sea salt scrub. Mind you, the salt was cultivated in the Dead Sea and scented with essence of amazing-ness and made me a better person for having it rubbed on my hand. The skin on THAT hand shimmered, glowed with good health. It looked successful and fulfilled. I imagined its life of jetting off to the South of France, skiing in the Alps, swimming with dolphins off the Great Barrier Reef. On the other hand, literally, was a horror show. Wrinkly, dull, and discoloured. Clearly, it had spent years digging around in sewers. I was sickened. I considerd amputating this disgusting, dead skin plagued hand. I suspect the salesperson had the same idea. He backed away from the hand.

The scrub was pretty good. But that’s not the point.

Today, armed with my good advice, I pretended to answer my phone as one of those salesman walked towards me holding out a tiny tub of salty manipulation like a gift, desperately seeking just a Nano second of eye contact. It takes a lot to completely ignore another human being trying to get your attention – even if they are calling you ma’am.

Instead, I took my newly purchased mason jars and essence oils home and made a lovely sugar scrub and a label. It was really rewarding and my scrub is pretty good too!


  • White sugar. Use the amount that fills your mason jar.
  • 1/3 c. unscented baby oil.
  • Essence oil for scent. I used Lavender this time, but you can use whatever scent makes you joyous!!
  • Fill your jar.

If you are up for it, make a lovely label! It’s fun and rewarding.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

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