The votes are in!

Ultimate Streaker Carrie Houghton is the Ultimate Streaker in the first annual Stanley's Cup in a landslide victory! Her story Portrait of a Man touched the hearts of 64 voters! Carrie told a poignant story of Ralph, an old man lonely with the passage of time and filled with a lifetime of stories to tell. … Continue reading The votes are in!

Stanley’s Cup voting is now open

We've got five flash fiction stories vying for the coveted Stanley's Cup! Head over to the linkup and vote for your favourite story! Everybody is welcome to vote! The more the merrier! Voting closes at midnight! Winners* will be announced tomorrow morning! *You're all winners to me!

Scent of a story

Week 13 - Prompt: Never underestimate the lives of old men sitting on benches. Mystery Basket: a person named Ralph, animal crackers and driving on Route 66. Belvedere loved afternoon walks, even more than morning ones. There were so many more scents at this time of day and this excited the hound dog. Belvedere sniffed … Continue reading Scent of a story

Do you Dare?

Week 11 Prompt: While playing truth or dare with friends on a warm summer day, a girl discovers she likes eating live bugs. Bertie stormed through the dining room of the restaurant into the kitchen. “Deliver me from evil, Johnny,” she said in a fake southern accent and held up a transparent plastic bag. “If … Continue reading Do you Dare?

Power of the fates

Week 7 Prompt - A boy puts a quarter in a gumball machine and human tooth comes out. Dachen bolted from his grandmother’s side towards a gumball machine at the end of the boardwalk. “Gramama, gumballs! Can I have a quatrid? Can I? Can I please?” “Of course you can wee boy, but only one.” … Continue reading Power of the fates

Free games ain’t free

Week 6 Prompt: A character is at an arcade on the pier, when a man comes up and grabs his shoulder.  Three ghosts were in hot pursuit of Pac Man when a meaty hand clamped over my shoulder. My hand lost its grip on the controller, leaving Pac Man stopped dead in his tracks, his … Continue reading Free games ain’t free

When a clown smiles

Prompt 5: “Carnie wanted to operate the Mansion of Horror midway ride for the summer of ’69 Playland traveling carnival. No experience needed. Apply within.” The pink slip wasn’t actually pink, Bill noted. He held the single, white piece of paper. It had reams of writing on one side that Bill briefly scanned. “Sorry, Bill, … Continue reading When a clown smiles

The Revival

Week 4 – Two teens steal a relative’s classic car and head to the beach. Braden knew Bethany would be impressed with the car. It wasn’t just any old car. It was a red 1958 Plymouth Fury. It was the car from the movie Christine. Braden’s uncle Bill worked on the movie way back in … Continue reading The Revival

Let them eat hot dawgs!

“Sam, don’t you think it’s weird to eat a food shaped like you? “How can I resist. This food truck is called Hot Dawg. Just like me,” Sam said. He winked at her as he stuffed his long dachshund body into the line ahead of a Chihuahua, who offered Sam a sharp bark and then … Continue reading Let them eat hot dawgs!

A turtle is not a bongo

Prompt - Week 1 Three couples hire a small boat and a captain for a whale watching tour, but when the boat returns to the dock several hours later, only six people remain on board. Captain N. Teba stood on the deck of the Misty Savior, watching the late afternoon sun cast long, lonesome shadows … Continue reading A turtle is not a bongo