It’s free and other assorted reasons you need to join the 13 Week Streak

Besides being free, here are a few other reasons to join the 13 Week – Summer Flash Fiction Challenge.

You don’t have to think about what to write

This is one of the most daunting things a writer can face — the blank mind. By joining the 13 Week Streak, you ditch the overwhelm of a mind struggling to think of something, anything to write, and instead you get a weekly writing prompt served to you on a silver platter, with Prosecco* and strawberries*. All you need to do is sprinkle in your unique words and creativity, and voila! – you have a flash fiction story!

And speaking of prompts

We’ve got a unique, fun selection of prompts for you this summer. These babies are sure to get your creative mind revving and your fingers flying across the keyboard. The prompts created by Eilidh and Charlotte channel a retro summer throwback feel that will get you thinking about times gone by. Use the prompts for good or evil; happy or sad; esoteric or whatever! This, my friends, is up to you. To get you interested, here is a little amuse-bouche of the prompts you can expect this summer:

  • Joyrides in stolen cars
  • A new job at a carnival
  • Meeting a stranger on the pier
  • And so much more . . .

Stanley’s Cup

Imagine winning the Stanley’s Cup? No, we’re not talking about the hockey one. We’re talking the flash fiction one. That’s right. One lucky streaker will take home the first annual Stanley’s Cup at the end of the 13 Week Streak! Here’s how it works:

  • Participate in all 13 weeks.
  • Win the popular vote in Week 13. This week will be the only voting week. Streakers and their fans will be able to vote on their favourite story.

More information on this to come!

Try your hand at writing fiction – for free

Have you ever wanted to write fiction, but don’t know where to start? Now’s your chance. Flash fiction is a great place to kick-off your writing. It’s helps you create a story with characters, dialogue, plot, tension and an ending – all wrapped up in a manageable 500 word package.

Cool graphics

Grab a participant’s badge and other cool graphics to feature on your blog and social media to let people know you are participating in the challenge. These fab graphics were created by Charlotte from Drafty Devil and I just love them.

Need some more motivation?

Here are some examples of prompts and the stories that came from them during the 2014 Flash Fiction Challenge. I really like how different they are. It just goes to show how a writer can take any prompt in any direction. Think about what you would have done with these prompts.

Prompt – Your protagonist is a member of jury about to hear the sentencing of the criminal you just convicted…

Prompt – The first men/women to set foot on Mars return to their ship only to find a large, strange insect on the door of the ship.

Join the streak!

What are you waiting for. Join us now! Challenge starts June 5!

*Totally not supplied by Thain in Vain or Drafty Devil.

2 thoughts on “It’s free and other assorted reasons you need to join the 13 Week Streak

  1. Charlotte Elaine says:

    This is fantastic. Now I really need to rustle up some Prosecco and strawberries per me! Can’t wait to get writing.

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