9 Ways to Revamp your Blog

Some great tips for tidying up your blog from my co-host of the summer flash fiction challenge! I may need to revisit my about bio!!

Drafty Devil

Been away from your blog for a while? Let it go to seed so to speak? Haven’t we all. Our 13 Week Streak Summer Flash Fiction Challenge is just around the corner, and yes, this is a promotional post. However, we’re not selling anything. We just want to get back into the swing of writing, and we want to support you in the same endeavour. If your blog is needing a refresh for when your new readers come to check out your flash fiction this Summer (or anytime for that matter), we’ve got a handful of tips that give you the biggest bang for your buck.

1. Get some perspective.

Knowing what sort of blog you have can make it easier to focus and help your content stay on track. It can inspire and encourage you to produce quality content, and can aid you when fleshing out the look of…

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