Take the challenge you may actually finish – just sayin’

Nowadays, you can’t swing a cat without hitting some sort of challenge. We’re drowning in a Pinterest sea of 30 days to: rock hard abs; totally enlightened meditation; juice yourself skinny; become a travel blogger; craft yourself silly for a month, and on and on. Well, I’m here to officially toss a challenge into the cat swinging* mix.

Join the 13 Week Streak – Summer Flash Fiction Challenge. Starting June 5, we’re stripping ourselves bare and showing the world our writing chops.

Writing flash fiction is fun, challenging and great way to build on your writing habit or establish a habit you’ve been meaning to, probably for sometime now (I hear ya).

Plus, it’s a mere one 500 hundred words story a week for 13 weeks AND I provide the writing inspiration – you can totally do this. I believe in  you. I really do.

For those you new to Thain in Vain, I hosted a 52 week flash fiction challenge back in 2014. That’s right, a story a week for one year. It was intense and rewarding. I learned tons about writing fiction and I read some killer flash fiction. And I’ve missed it.

A short time ago, Charlotte from Drafty Devil approached me with an idea about doing summer flash fiction challenge. Yes! Of course, the answer was yes! A little brainstorming and we came up with the summer streak concept. Charlotte created the amazing graphics (join the streak and grab a badge) , we’ve come up with some fun prompts to get your creative juices flowing and, finally, I’m hosting it here on Thain in Vain.

The fun starts June 5! Register by June 2. Join us streakers today!

We’re super excited to get writing with all of you this summer!

*Metaphorically, of course. Duh. Thain in Vain most certainly does not condone cat swinging. If this is something you feel a drive to do, please walk yourself to the nearest cliff and take a swan dive off it. 

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