Who likes the sun?

30 Day Photography Challenge

Day 5 – Low Angle

This challenge had me wandering in back alleys looking for something to shoot from a low angle. Just as I was worrying I was being mistaken for a dumpster diver, I looked up and clocked this massive flower. After getting over my fear that it was going mug me, I knew I’d found my shot. This sunflower is sure giving the actual sun a run for it’s money in the looking good in the sky department. Plus, no sunburn. Take a hike sun. Sunflower is here. All hail Sunflower. All hail Sunflower. All hail Sunflower.


I also looked up and saw this power pole working overtime. I think it needs a beer.


I’m doing the Expert Photography 30 Day Photography Challenge. If you want to improve your photography skills, this is the challenge for you.

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