Day 1 – NoMo Excuses 30-Day Challenge

day1Let's get meta!

It’s true. I’ve lost of my daily writing habit. I didn’t lose it in the the woods or at the summer fair or down the bathroom sink. No, I lost it to life, oh and television (hello, Jon Hamm, who cares about stupid writing or anything else for that matter). Sure, I write every day for work, but that kind of writing doesn’t have the same je ne sais quoi that writing for yourself has. This type of writing allows you to explore your thoughts, opinions and creativity, and surprise yourself with what pops up in the writing process — and you know what, I miss being surprised! This is why I’m taking part in Yeah Write’s NoMo Excuses 30-day Writing Challenge. Plus, I love a XX-day challenge – hope mixed with the agony of defeat. Or at least that’s been my experience.

I have an actual writing strategy for posting everyday for a month:

  • Photos – a quick, fun and creative way to meet my daily quota.
  • A moment in 140 – I will hit my daily post with 140 characters on current events, funny stuff, and not so deep thoughts.
  • Microstory challenge – write a story in 42 words answering Yeah Write’s weekly challenge question. It’s harder than it sounds! Check it out if you dare!
  • Flash fiction – Nothing beats a flash fiction story! I like the 500-word kind, so that’s what I’m going to do! Just for fun, I’ll throw in the prompt that inspired me should you need a kiss of inspiration, too! Plus, I miss my Flash Fiction challenge folks from 2014.
  • Personal essay – While this is not something I’m very good at, a challenge may be exactly what I need to work this muscle. This may be embarrassing, but willing to wear shame for you dear readers!

See you on the other side! TiV

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