Flash Fiction Challenge – The Finale – Prompt 52 – #FFC52

Flash Fiction Challenge! flash-fiction-badge

Week 51 submissions are in! Check them out!

Submit your week 52 flash fiction by December 30, 2014! Post a link to your submission in the comments section of the corresponding weekly prompt.

This is it! We’ve been doing this writing thing for 52 weeks! Wow. It’s been an amazing journey writing with all of you. I’ve learned a lot about writing and myself over this time. Hope all of you took something away from this challenge! I also want to thank your support and contribution. It’s meant tons to me. When I started this I had not idea that anyone would participate, let alone some many amazing writers and folks. For this, I thank you!

Stay tuned to see what Thain in Vain brings for the new year – cue suspenseful music.

Anyway, here is the last prompt for this year’s #FFC52!

Week 52
Prompt: Start your story with: “I’m telling you this story because you are the only person I can trust not to judge me . . .”

Want to be part of the challenge?

  • Tell me you are participating by leaving a comment and I will add your name or blog to the participant list.
  • Tell the world that you are participating by adding the challenge badge to your blog.

15 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge – The Finale – Prompt 52 – #FFC52

    • Thain in Vain says:

      I am going to miss you every week!! I missed a few too! I kinda lost my steam in the last couple of months due to day job business. I’m not sure about another year of stories, but I’m thinking about doing something to keep us all connected! Stay tuned.

      Hope you had an amazing year and wishing you the best in 2015! TiV

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