It’s been a year since I last heard your voice; heard your laugh; laughed at your jokes; listened to your wisdom.

I miss you.

But what I’ve come to understand over this past year is that you are part of me. A really great part. Sure there are genetics involved, but it’s more than that.

You taught me about life and showed me what it means to live this short time we get on your own terms.

You showed me what it means to struggle and how to rise above these struggles.

You taught me that it’s okay to be flawed and messy.

You taught me about unconditional love and showed me what it looks like.

You taught me about humour and humorously about philosophy.

You taught me that I can live through a tragedy and still laugh and hope.

It’s through these things that can I live the best darn life I can (glitches and all)

And it’s through this things that you live on forever.

Love you, Dids

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