Flash Fiction Challenge – Week 42 Submissions

flash-fiction-badgeEXTRA! EXTRA!
#FFC52 Week 42

Share your Flash Fiction stories on Twitter: #FFC52.

Prompt:  Continue any other author’s story already posted to #FFC52 over the past 41 weeks. Past submissions.

Week 42 was bought to you by Mark of Article 94. I think we can all agree, what a blast we had with this prompt! And what great submissions! Thanks, Mark!

And kudos to Megan from Inside the Invisible World for writing two continuation stories!!

Wow, we mere weeks away from completing this challenge! While I have not submitted all 42 stories (life, love and the pursuit of happiness getting in the way), I’m pleased with my 35+ stories. I would never have written that many without this challenge or without the support and inspiration from all of you! For this, I thank you!

The finish line is in sight! Let’s kick it up and finish this mofo on a seriously high note!!! Who’s with me!!

Be sure to read and comment on everyone’s work as we are all here to read, be read,  give, and get feedback!

The Tunnel, Continued
Article 94

Bug Eyes the Second” and “Sacrifice II”
Inside the Invisible World

Lonely Hearts
Odyssey of a Novice Writer

Thain in Vain

Belfry Echo
This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time

All’s Fair in Love and War
Trials of a Wanna-be-Published Writer

Streaking Blond
Write Up the Spine

3 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge – Week 42 Submissions

  1. naomiharvey says:

    Darn it. I’ve had a few crappy weeks so i didn’t get to write mine but i intend to finish it this week. I’m taking on one of Chris’s earliest entries (I better do a good job or he’ll kill me!)

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