Flash Fiction Challenge – Prompt 42 – #FFC52

Flash Fiction Challenge! flash-fiction-badge

Week 41 submissions are in! Check them out!

Submit your week 42 flash fiction by October 21, 2014! Post a link to your submission in the comments section of the corresponding weekly prompt.

Week 42 is bought to you by Mark of Article 94, who loves collaborative writing! As such, we are going to just that this week! Was there a particular story made you want  more? Now’s your chance to give it more! Have fun with this!
Prompt:  Continue any other author’s story already posted to #FFC52 over the past 41 weeks. Past submissions.

Want to be part of the challenge?

  • Tell me you are participating by leaving a comment and I will add your name or blog to the participant list.
  • Tell the world that you are participating by adding the challenge badge to your blog.

22 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge – Prompt 42 – #FFC52

  1. Bree Salyer says:

    p.s. Eilidh, I think your prompt #’s are a bit off in your post… you have prompt 42 in the masthead, but if this is prompt 42, then it should say week 42 due by Oct 21, and the previous weeks submissions would be 41, not 40. Or am I missing something?

  2. Bree Salyer says:

    Wish I wasn’t coming back so late into this. One day definitely wouldn’t give me enough time to do it justice. The hardest part would be deciding which story to go with!

    Missed you all, but starting next week I’m going to try to get back on the bandwagon. ❤

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