Flash Fiction Challenge – Week 31 Submissions

flash-fiction-badgeExtra! Extra!
#FFC52 week 31
submissions are in!

It’s important that every writer have a tribe, a community in which we can be challenged, be vulnerable, and of course, be read! For me, the FFC#52 challenge is just that–our tribe, our community! For this, I thank all of you! Perhaps you might even get a little crazy and join us!

Share your Flash Fiction stories on Twitter: #FFC52.

Week 31
Prompt: A woman’s cat goes missing. Two days later she receives a ransom note.

Another round of great submissions! Be sure to read and comment on everyone’s work as we are all here to read, be read,  give, and get feedback!

The Enemy Rule
Adan Ramie

My Own Monster
Article 94

Hi, I Make Stuff

C.E.Coburn – February St

The Psychic and the Catnapper
So I want to be an author

A Ransom is Announced
The Excessive Gardener

Kitty Kidnap
Trials of a Wanna-be-Published Writer

The Purloined Gato

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