How I Love The Glitch(es)

thain-in-vain-blog-header.pngYou may already be in awe of my new blog header. I know I am. It’s a creation by the talented and creative and lovely C.E.Coburn of February St. I noticed some of her illustrations on her blog and asked if she would create something for me. And to my good fortune, she said yes!

With this rather vague guidance from me:”I like weird and quirky like your cube Frankenstein (which I adore!) and Edward Gorey, but am more than happy to let you do your thing,” she got to work!

I couldn’t be happier with the outcome! It’s exactly what I wanted without knowing what I wanted – if you know what I mean! And she called it The Glitch! How delightful!

You may know her haunting written work from my weekly flash fiction challenge, but be sure to check out her illustrations at!

Cheers C!

9 thoughts on “How I Love The Glitch(es)

  1. Lucy says:

    That is so cool. Great, I have a tumblr blog so I will be her follower there. What a great header you have. That does not sound too good…nice artwork. Lucy

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