100 Happy Days (46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, & 52)

100 Happy Days! The challenge!

I have to say that consciously thinking about my life from the perspective of what makes me happy and what I’m grateful for really does work! I now spend more time in a grateful mindset about all the simple amazing things that make up an hour, day, week, year of my life. I would encourage anyone to take part in this challenge! Also, it’s pretty fun!

Join me! What happy things fill your days?

Day 46 – Commemorative Tree for Dad

My dad was a big arts guy and brought Shakespeare to his community! They planted a tree in memory of my dad’s contribution to the community!



Day 47 – The Curry Powder

I just love things made with curry powder and coconut milk! I also love spices in jars with rustic, hand-written labels!


Day 48 – Home

What better way to spend a dreary day than at home with a book!


Day 49 – Recognize the Pattern on the Sweater?

It’s the same pattern of the carpet in The Shining! You know the one–little Danny Torrance rode his three-wheeler on it past the infamous room 237. And speaking of which, check out the label on the sweater-awesome! I may need to get me one of these! Shop now!

If the above paragraph is gobbledygook to you, check out The Shining in both movie and book form! Both are excellent.

Photo credit: Mondo Tees


Day 50 –  This Tolkien Quote!

I’ve lived this for most of my life–especially the cheer part! It certainly doesn’t make you monetarily rich, but it does make you rich with experience and good times!

Photo credit: Anastasia M.











Day 51 – This Info Graphic

‘Nuff said.









Day 52 – Frightened Rabbit – A Band

Thanks to RL for introducing this terrific Scottish band to me. I particularly like the song “Old, Old Fashioned!













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