Jumping Jesus – 100 Posts – A to Z Challenge

J is for Jumping Jesus, I’ve Reached 100 Posts!j-jumping-Jesus

Six months and 100 posts on Thain in Vain! Not sure if these numbers are impressive in the grand scheme of blog posts, but they are to me!

Starting this blog was a way for me to actually write instead of just thinking about writing. I was held back by perfection. You know that need to be perfect at something right from the start. But that lofty goal leaves you stranded at the start line, wondering where everybody went. I needed to get the hell out of the gate and just try.

To push myself, I created the 2014 Flash Fiction Challenge–one flash fiction story a week for a year! We are on week fifteen and going strong. Special shout-out to: Chris Musgrave – Writer in Training, The Excessive Gardener, Swirls of Truth, Trifectumblog, and Hi, I Make Stuff for taking part!

In these past six months, I have become a writer as regular as a prune-eating senior! I won’t say that I’ve fully found my voice as a writer. It’s still just a whisper, but it’s starting to get louder!

In celebration, I would like to present, in no particular order, my favourite flash fiction stories from the challenge so far:

It’s not too late to join to 2014 Flash Fiction Challenge! Or just stop by and cheer us on!

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