Flash Fiction Challenge – Week Thirteen Submissions

flash-fiction-badgeThe FFC week twelve submissions are in! Some of us are busy with the craziness called A to Z Challenge, but we’re still slogging away to bring you our weekly flash fiction!

There is still wacky talk about publishing a flash fiction book (bathroom or otherwise) at the end of our 52 weeks! Imagine being a published author! I’m giddy with excitement! It’s not too late to join!

Share your Flash Fiction stories on Twitter with #FFC52.

Week Thirteen
Prompt: A man gets a phone call in the middle of the night asking for sensitive information.

Thanks to Swirls of Truth for the fun prompt this week!

Thanks for the great submissions everyone! Be sure to read and comment on everyone’s work as we are all here to read, be read,  give, and get feedback!

Chris Musgrave – Writing in Training

The Mission
The Excessive Gardener

The Wrong Person to Trust
Swirls of Truth

A Night Shift
Thain in Vain

Top Tip Tuesday – Chris Musgrave – Writer in Training

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