True Dark Dead Cupcake: What My Distraction Looks Like


I’ve been fairly distracted this week and as such I have not posted anything. I feel shame. I thought I would share some of the culprits of my distraction.

Matthew McConaughey Blowing My Tiny Mind
No, not in Magic Mike. Get you mind out of the G-stringed crotch. It’s the new HBO show “True Detective.” It’s a killer show with metaphysical, philosophical dialogue that makes me want to be a smarter person! Not too mention the storyline and the thrilling direction (see the action scene at the end of episode 4 that was done with one continuous shot-thrilling!!).


Weekend Walker
The second half of Season 4 of “The Walking Dead” started last week, so I checked into zombie mode staring at the TV, grunting orders to RL and gorging on snacks like a walker on a forearm.


Me Read Good
I couldn’t put down Gillian’s Flynn’s “Dark Places.” An bloody good read!!


Angel Food Crapcake
I’m going to be baking cupcakes for the local animal shelter, so I thought I would practice before unveiling my cupcakes to the world. Of course, I figured making cupcakes would be a breeze. I imagined mine with fondant shaped dogs and colourful icing. So, last week, I dusted off my Kitchen Aid mixer and made vanilla cupcakes with buttercream icing. However, they would be better named vanilla ledcakes with butter-y liquid icing. They were pathetic. So, this week instead of working to master the recipe I felt the need to attempt to make angel food cupcakes (note to reader: I have never made angel food cake). We’ll, they turned our crappy. On a plus note, my buttercream icing worked out perfectly! Practice makes perfect. I commit to mastering the vanilla cupcake recipe before venturing into uncharted baking waters! Wish me luck!


May not resemble picture.

All this to say, that blogging and writing to a backseat to all my entertainment activities.

Another note, I wrote this blog on my iPhone. It wasn’t easy, but I managed to get it done!

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2 thoughts on “True Dark Dead Cupcake: What My Distraction Looks Like

  1. Lucy says:

    Sorry, I’ve been sick with some sort of virus. This is my first hour out of my bed. I may or may not be able to submit a story this week. Heres the prompt I came up with lying in bed: Three people go into a bar….
    Use it or nor. Lucy

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