#HerotoZero – Farm Animal Poll

IMG_1747Lured in by the title “Farm Animal Poll,” huh. That’s not a ringing enforcement of you. But while you’re here, I’ve made a poll for your voting pleasure!

Day 19: Publish a post in a new-to-you format – Okay, I can do that. In inspired by SFox Writing’s Blog, I decided to post a post with a poll (say that five times fast)!

I’m always amazed and dazzled by animals of every shape and size. Look at me marveling over cows. Look at me pointing at them. It’s pathetic. It’s like I’m seeing lions for the first time. I really need to get out more. Anyway, they weren’t too interested in me. In fact, they all moved away pretty quickly, but not before leaving large, steaming cow patties. I’m still working through the process of not taking it personally. Sigh.

bisonPoll: What is the animal pictured here? (Not referring to the picture of me)

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