13 Week Streak  – Summer Flash Fiction Challenge

Streak from June 5-Aug 28)

Here’s who you will be streaking with for the next 13 weeks!

Streakers (in alphabetical order)

  1. Adan Ramie
  2. Audra Edmonson
  3. Article 94
  4. Bryn
  5. Carrie Houghton
  6. Chris Musgrave
  7. Danielle Dayney
  8. Drafty Devil
  9. erin5cents
  10. Invisible World
  11. Janet A.
  12. Jennifer Moore
  13. Jennifer Palmer
  14. Josh Flores Author
  15. Karen Vernon
  16. Kim Lizzy
  17. Maryann Holloway
  18. Melony Boseley
  19. Mixed Bag
  20. Nancy K.
  21. Robin T. Quackenbush, Author
  22. Sara Siddiqui
  23. Sara Tranum
  24. Thain in Vain
  25. The Real Cie

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11 thoughts on “Streakers

  1. Mark Gardner says:

    I was going back through the FFC52 challenge to see when I joined, and it looks as if that fateful day was June with prompt #22. Looking forward to this challenge!

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