Incomplete – Flash Fiction

Prompt 42:  Continue any other author’s story already posted to #FFC52 over the past 41 weeks. I was reminded of so many of our awesome stories as I looked back for one to continue. I can say that I'm truly impressed with our body of work! Can you say book!! In the end, I settled … Continue reading Incomplete – Flash Fiction

Nietzsche, Bumper Cars and the End Game

Prompt 36: Memento mori (remember that you will die) Nietzsche, Bumper Cars and the End Game By Eilidh Thain Willy Morral rushes down subway stairs, wind gusts up from the depths, the sickly smell of sewer and industry smacks his face. He takes the stairs  two at a time, gripping the filthy railing for balance. … Continue reading Nietzsche, Bumper Cars and the End Game

PRIVATE: Diary of Leanne Sawroski

Prompt 35: “Well, to be honest, I threw it away.” PRIVATE: Diary of Leanne Sawroski April 1, 1986 Today is the worst day of my life. A poor, orphaned kid from Vietnam that my stupid mom adopted off the TV or something, arrives today. I’m totally bummed out. Why me????? I was supposed to make … Continue reading PRIVATE: Diary of Leanne Sawroski