Writing Prompts and Submissions

13 Week Streak  – Summer Flash Fiction Challenge
One flash fiction story under 500 words a week for 13 weeks–that is your challenge! Stories must be under 500 words and contain the classic story elements: protagonist, obstacles or complications, and resolution. Each Monday I will post a weekly writing prompt here!

Join the streak!

Week 8

A couple is seated in a booth at a diner when a red-headed bombshell walks in and sits down at their table.


Week 7

A boy puts a quarter in a gumball machine and a human tooth comes out.


Week 6

A character is at an arcade on the pier, when a man comes up and grabs his/her shoulder.


Week 5

“Carnie wanted to operate the Mansion of Horror midway ride for the summer of ’69 Playland traveling carnival. No experience needed. Apply within.”


Week 4

Two teens steal a relative’s classic car and head to the beach.


Week 3

A man who ate a contaminated hot dog at a food stand is stuck at the back of a long line to the port-a-potties – and things are getting dire.


Week 2

An hour’s walk from camp, there is a fork in the trail not marked on any map.


Week 1

Three couples hire a small boat and a captain for a whale watching tour, but when the boat returns to the dock several hours later, only six people remain on board.