52 Week Streak – Flash Fiction Challenge

I’m hosting another 52-week flash fiction challenge in 2019! Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment or maybe I just miss writing with all of you! Either way we’re going to be writing together for the next year!

The challenge (aka what the hell are you getting yourself into)

For 52 weeks, you will write and submit a flash fiction story based on the weekly writing prompt I provide.

If you accept this challenge, stories must be under 500 words and contain the classic story elements: protagonist, obstacles or complications, and resolution. In essence, a beginning, middle, and end. Keep in mind that the limited length of flash fiction often demands some of these elements remain unwritten–only to be hinted at or implied. Get creative!

How it works

  • Join the 52 Week Streak – fill out the handy form below.
  • Each Monday I will post a weekly writing prompt. Starting January 1, 2019 (Tuesday this week).
  • You will linkup your flash fiction story for the week by Sunday and leave a comment to let everyone know you’ve linked-up your story.
  • Participants are encouraged to read and comment on each other’s work.
  • Tell the world you are participating by adding one of the colourful Participant Badges to your blog.
  • Share your story on social media using the hashtags #52WeekStreak. Feel free to use other hashtags.
  • Get to know who you will be streaking with for the next year. Streakers.

Join the challenge