Fancy writing in 2019?

Join the 52 Week Streak – Flash Fiction Challenge!

I’m hosting another 52-week flash fiction challenge in 2019! Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment or maybe I just miss writing with all of you! Either way we’re going to be writing together for the next year!

Writing flash fiction is fun, challenging and great way to build on your writing habit or establish a habit you’ve been meaning to, probably for sometime now (I hear ya).

You will totally hone your writing skills and discover characters, voices, opinions, scenes and worlds you never knew existed inside your noggin’.

It’s a mere  500 hundred word story a week for 52 weeks AND I provide the writing inspiration – you can totally do this. I believe in  you. I really do.

For those you new to Thain in Vain, I hosted a 52 week flash fiction challenge back in 2014. That’s right, a story a week for one year. It was intense and rewarding. I learned tons about writing fiction and I read some killer flash fiction.

In the summer of 2017, I hosted a 13 Week Streak with a bunch of fabulous, creative, amazing writers. We had a blast! And now I’m back for another writing streak!

Join the fun

The fun starts January 1, 2019! Register by December 28 . Join us streakers today!

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